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Accessorize Your Golf Cart for a Better Beachside Experience

Wildwood Golf Cart Rental and Sales is dedicated to helping beachgoers get around easier. We believe in all the fun the Jersey Shore, and our company offers everything you need to make it happen. Whether you are a permanent resident or a vacationer, you can count on our team to help. We offer golf cart sales and rentals, and, more importantly, we have the accessories to match. You can cruise the streets blasting your favorite tunes, lighting up the streets with flashy LED lights, and sporting custom rims. The world is your oyster.

Row of empty golf carts

We Offer a Range of Customization Options for Your Cart

We work hard to offer our customers near-limitless options. When you purchase a golf cart, you’ll want to make it your own. We make it easy to infuse your personality into your new cart. We’ve got you covered, whether that means custom rims or Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth Speakers

You might enjoy driving the Jersey Shore streets with the wind in your hair and enjoying the smell of saltwater. But sometimes, a soundtrack makes the experience all the better. Blasting tunes with pride is a great experience.

LED Lights

Multicolored LED lighting can make your golf cart stand out as your jet along the streets. After a long and sun-soaked day on the beach, nothing beats cutting a path down the avenue and creating a blur of lights behind you.

Repair Parts

While our golf carts are built to last, you’ll have to make minor repairs here and there. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. When your golf cart breaks down, give us a call. We sell all the parts you need


We offer custom rims that fit all our golf carts. Putting new rims on your cart's tires is an excellent way to display your personality to all who see you drive your cart. We’ve got a wide array of rims, so visit our shop today to see what we offer.


Flat tires happen. We don’t want to leave you on your own when they do. If you need to replace your tires, you can rely on our team. We have a wide array available – from custom sizes to standard offerings.


Safety first! We offer standard brakes on many of our golf carts. But if you want to take things a step further, you can invest in specialized hydraulic brakes, which will give you extra safety and comfort.

Drive Safe and Fun With Wildwood Golf Cart Rental and Sales

Accessorizing your golf cart is one of the most fun aspects of cart ownership. It is an opportunity to show off and demonstrate your sensibility. But we also want to ensure your cart is safe to operate. We also offer practical accessories that make your car 100 percent road legal. That’s a huge reason we have quickly become the area’s top golf cart sales team.

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